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Whats up with Rising Sun

Rising Sun

I’m a bit of celebrity around the farm and on social media. My fleece is super soft and luxurious, but even more than that, I’m apparently a one-of-a-kind, perfect specimen of an alpaca! I’m also as lovable as I am handsome, so pop into Shamarra Alpacas for a tour and a pat.

Whats up with Harlequin


A glamorous damsel through and through, I’m a big fan of being groomed well ahead of a photo op (your next selfie on a farm tour). My big eyes look even better when my fleece is on fleek. And I’ve been known to wear the odd denim jacket or hat, depending on the season.

But don’t be intimidated by my flair for fashion; I’m always up for a solid cuddle like my other friends.

Whats up with Tornado


I absolutely adore wee human kiddos and alpaca babies alike! Arguably the friendliest of all the furry faces here at Shamarra, I like to get visits and snuggles year-round.








  • ファームツアーはアルパカの紹介から始まります。個性豊かな生き物のユニークな性質を解説します。アルパカとの触れ合いを安全にお楽しみいただくため、小屋の中で1頭のアルパカにお手本になってもらって注意事項などをご案内します。
  • カシミアのような柔らかく繊細な手触りを感じていただけるよう、受賞したアルパカの毛を展示してあります。その優れた特性についてもお話しします。
  • 続いて、アルパカの群れのいる所へ移動します。本来の生息環境と同様の牧場でのんびりと草を食む、おっとりとしたアルパカとの触れ合いをお楽しみください。
  • 子どもを連れたお母さんアルパカに餌をやることもできます。ファームツアーはアルパカに親しみ、すてきな写真を撮る絶好のチャンスです。
  • アカロア湾を見渡す絶景も見逃せません。この農場で過ごした旅の思い出をお好きなだけカメラに収めてください。
ツアー開始時間:11am, 1pm, 4p
ツアー料金:大人1名 $50 / 子ども1名 $25(4-15才)
















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  • 空きのある別の日程に変更する場合は手数料はかかりません。
Shamarra Alpacas view over Akaroa
  • “The Alpacas are crazy cute and have their unique character! The guide was super knowledgeable and friendly! Not forgetting the awesome views but you would be so busy and distracted by the lovely Alpacas. Totally worth the $$$.”

    Wen Jin Lee, Google Review – December 2024

  • “We had a wonderful time interacting with the alpacas! The team were incredibly knowledgeable and helpful, it definitely is a must do experience!”

    Farah, Bookme Review – December 2023

  • After discovering this place before COVID and postponing a 2020 trip, I can genuinely say it was worth the wait! Turning the curves of the mountains and seeing the Akaroa peninsula, it's like heaven on earth. We had gorgeous weather, and coupled with the views, it made for a perfect visit to see the alpacas. On the tour, you travel to different pens, seeing the different animals. They each have their own personality and their fur is unbelievably soft. I highly recommend making a stop at Shamarra, and don't think a New Zealand vacation will be complete without it!

    Rebekah, Google Review – January 2024

  • “A magical experience amongst amazing creatures and a once in a lifetime chance. Exploring the nature of the alpacas was just incredible, I am speechless. Something you have to experience for yourself as visual does not even come close to the reality ...”

    Kiawine, Tripadvisor Review – February 2024

  • “Not only was the experience of feeding Alpacas in one of the most picturesque places in the world amazing for any animal lover, the BEST thing about this tour were the staff. The staff were friendly, knowledgeable and only too willing to help out. Our 1 year old got upset and not only did they help us leave the tour (when we asked) to calm him down, but once he had some refreshments (offered by them), we were welcomed by staff to rejoin the tour. Staff told us about individual alpacas including their name, their family and their temperament and were too happy to help us take photos. We would recommend this tour to anyone visiting the Akaroa region.

    896ash, Tripadvisor Review – February 2024