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    Stud Males

Whats up with Rising Sun

Rising Sun

I’m a bit of celebrity around the farm and on social media. My fleece is super soft and luxurious, but even more than that, I’m apparently a one-of-a-kind, perfect specimen of an alpaca! I’m also as lovable as I am handsome, so pop into Shamarra Alpacas for a tour and a pat.

Whats up with Harlequin


A glamorous damsel through and through, I’m a big fan of being groomed well ahead of a photo op (your next selfie on a farm tour). My big eyes look even better when my fleece is on fleek. And I’ve been known to wear the odd denim jacket or hat, depending on the season.

But don’t be intimidated by my flair for fashion; I’m always up for a solid cuddle like my other friends.

Whats up with Tornado


I absolutely adore wee human kiddos and alpaca babies alike! Arguably the friendliest of all the furry faces here at Shamarra, I like to get visits and snuggles year-round.

Alpaca Studs

Our alpaca stud males have been selected for their exceptional traits which have enabled us to successfully improve the quality of  our herd.

Each of our males offer different strengths.  We are happy to assist you in your selection of the most suitable male for your next breeding decision.

Rising Sun 14yrs


Rising Sun has proven himself as a super stud and his genetics are highly sought after both nationally and internationally.  Many of his high quality and champion progeny have been exported to Germany, Holland, Sweden, UK, Poland and Australia.

As a mature working male at over 13 years old, he’s carrying a fleece of under 22 micron and is a genetically fine male, with minimal variation in his micron over the past 5 years.

His soft handle, extreme density, brightness and well defined, high frequency crimp are traits that he is consistently passing onto his progeny.  Rising Sun’s gentle and laid back disposition is another desirable trait passed onto his progeny.

Rising Sun’s cria range in colour from white to fawns, browns, grey and black.  Standout traits passed on are – fineness, fleece length, density and extreme lustre.

Progeny show highlights:

  • Shamarra Roaring Meg ET – Supreme Champion Brown at Victoria Colourbration 2012, multiple broad ribbons won in New Zealand
  • Shamarra Lone Star – Supreme Fawn at S.I. Colourbration 2013 Supreme Champion at Ashburton 2013
  • Shamarra Venus – National Intermediate Female Champion and National Mid/Dark Fawn Champion 2014
  • Shamarra Xian – National Mid/Dark Fawn Champion 2015
  • Shamarra Mossimo – National Adult Male Champion 2016
  • Shamarra Olympia – Finest Fleece (14.4u) National Show 2017
  • Shamarra Diesel – National Supreme Champion 2018 – judged by Amanda Vandenbosch
  • Stoneleigh Celtic Explorer – National Champion Intermediate Male 2018
  • Stoneleigh Celtic Explorer – Supreme Champion Mid/Dark Fawn Fleece – SI Colourbration 2020
Shamarra Dimitri 2 yrs old


Dimitri was a standout from a young cria.  He has grown into a striking male with an excellent frame and robust conformation.  His superb fleece characteristics met our strict criteria for him to be added to our stud male group and he has a number of females pregnant to him.

Dimitri has an exceptionally dense fleece which is very fine and importantly is growing an impressive staple length.  Uniformity of micron is one of the first comments made by the judges in the show ring.  This is a trait that is paramount in our breeding programme.  Brightness is another feature this male exhibits along with a high frequency, “horseshoe” style that is highly aligned.

His qualities have been recognised in the show ring with multiple supreme titles and championship awards presented to him.

Dimitri’s first few cria are now on the ground.  He has thrown all colour, with 2 of the dams being white, which is an excellent result.  We look forward to following the development of these cria.

Dynamo 8 yrs old


Co-owned with Oak Ridge Alpacas, Dynamo is the first Rising Sun son certified at Shamarra.

Dynamo is an ultra fine solid dark fawn male with excellent density relative to his fineness.  His high frequency fleece style exhibits superb lustre and has a luxurious handle with evenness of micron throughout his blanket and into the extremities.

This well conformed and true to type male carries superb genetics in his pedigree as well as depth of colour, an asset for any colour breeding programme.

Shamarra Nova, Dynamo’s dam has produced a number of show champions including Shamarra Fascination, Shamarra Sensation and Shamarra Cassanova.

Dynamo’s progeny are consistently fine and he has thrown a range of colours from white to brown.

Progeny show successes include:

  • Oak Ridge Nitro – NZ National Show 2017 – 2nd Junior Brown Male class
  • Shamarra Frangelica – Champion Brown Female – Malvern A&P Show 2018
  • Oak Ridge Spectre – SI Colourbration 2019 – Supreme Champion Brown
  • Oak Ridge Spectre – SI Colourbration 2020 – Champion Male Brown
  • Shamarra Prada – Rangiora A&P 2021 – Reserve Champion Junior Female
Trinity 5 yrs old


Trinity was bred in our successful joint ET programme with Softfoot in Australia.  Sired by Alpacaspecialist Sharman and out of renowned Lee Carrow Seventh Heaven, exceptional traits resulted from this prepotent combination of genetics.

Trinity has excellent uniformity in micron across his blanket with consistent style throughout.  His extremely dense fleece is evident by the highly aligned staples.  He is pumping out the fleece and is passing these qualities onto his progeny.

With colour in his background, he has produced both light fawn and fawn progeny to date.

Along with his big boned, true to type frame and desirable fleece traits, Trinity has a very easy going nature, another trait evident in his progeny.

Progeny Show Highlights:

Shamarra Dora the Explora
Junior Champion Female – Rangiora A&P 2019
Reserve Light Fawn Champion Female – SI Colourbration 2020

Shamarra Dimitri
Supreme Champion Mid/Dark Fawn – SI Colourbration 2020
Supreme Champion Mid/Dark Fawn – Malvern A&P Show 2021
Supreme Champion Mackenzie Highland Show 2021
NZ National Champion Mid/Dark Fawn Fleece 2021

Thrill Seeker 6 yrs old


Kurrawa Legends Thrill Seeker has added another dimension to our Shamarra breeding programme.  This upstanding male is co-owned with three other alpaca studs and is not available for outside matings, however we do offer females pregnant to Thrill Seeker from time to time.

The combination of Thrill Seeker’s genetics with our Patagonia Celtic Rising Sun ET daughters, as well as daughters from Softfoot Casstalas and our other males, is resulting in progeny with enhanced density and uniformity of micron.

Thrill Seeker is a well grown and correctly conformed male and importantly for our breeding programme, he is throwing colour when mated to select females.  This male carries a fleece uniform in micron, a highly desirable trait for commercial fleece production.

The first year’s drop of 3 progeny from Thrill Seeker resulted in excellent show results in 2021.  Shamarra Galactica (out of Shamarra Venus ET) won three Supreme Championship titles back to back and Shamarra Aloha also won championship titles.

Silver-Stone Ice


This well grown, upstanding, true to type male has exceptional fleece qualities.  With colour in his background, he has produced white, light fawn and fawn progeny.

Ice has an extremely lustrous and greasy fleece, a trait he is passing onto his progeny.  He has superb density, soft handle and is consistent in micron, resulting in a uniform fleece.

Son of New Zealand’s multiple national supreme champion Stoneleigh Valentino, Ice is loaded with excellent genetics.  Ice has had a successful show career winning supreme champion at Oxford A&P and numerous breed and fleece championships.

Co-owned with Silverstream Alpacas, Ice is not available for outside matings at this time.

Casstalas 7yr old


A stunning solid dark fawn male, Casstalas carries superb genetics from both his sire and dam.

His show record boasts back to back Australian National titles for Mid/Dark Fawn in 2015 and 2016, along with many championship titles to his name while in Australia.  His first season of shows in New Zealand saw him winning 5 Supreme titles and New Zealand National Senior Male 2017 title.

His fleece qualities are of an elite standard – fineness, uniformity of micron and extreme density which is evident by way of his highly aligned and structured staples that are consistent throughout his blanket, into his chest, under his belly and down his legs.

Casstalas is a true to type male with a big boned and compact frame.  His conformation is excellent with nose to toes fleece coverage.

Casstalas has over 30 cria registered in New Zealand as well as progeny overseas.  Progeny are exhibiting dense, lustrous and fine fleeces in colours from white through to dark brown.

Progeny show highlights:

  • Shamarra Bacchus (brown) Reserve champion junior male Rangiora A&P 2018
  • Shamarra Zara (roan) Junior Champion Female – Winchester A&P 2019
  • Shamarra Euphoria – Champion Female Mid/Dark Fawn – SI Colourbration 2019
  • Shamarra Picasso – SUPREME CHAMPION MID/DARK FAWN  – SI Colourbration 2019
  • Shamarra Picasso – Mid/Dark Fawn Champion – Rangiora A&P 2019
  • Shamarra Euphoria – Junior Female Champion
  • Shamarra Zara – Champion Roan – NZ Agricultural Show 2019
  • Shamarra Ping – Junior Champion Female & White Champion – Winchester A&P 2020
  • Shamarra Picasso – Adult Male Champion – Winchester A&P 2020
  • Waikara Park Cooper – SUPREME CHAMPION – Winchester A&P 2020
  • Shamarra Ping – Reserve Champion White Female – SI Colourbration 2020
  • Shamarra Euphoria – Champion Female Mid/Dark Fawn Fleece – SI Colourbration 2020
  • Waikara Park Cooper – SUPREME CHAMPION LIGHT FAWN – SI Colourbration 2020
  • Shamarra Zara – National Champion Roan 2020
  • Waikara Park Cooper – National Champion Light Fawn 2020
  • Shamarra Ping – Champion Female NZ Agricultural Show 2020
  • Shamarra Saigon – Supreme Champion Brown – Malvern A&P Show 2021
  • Shamarra Saigon – Champion Brown – Oxford A&P Show 2021, Mackenzie A&P 2021
  • Shamarra Saigon – Champion Brown – Rangiora A&P Show 2021, Ashburton A&P 2021


Casstalas is available for limited outside matings.



We selected Softfoot Shah ET to be mated to our Rising Sun daughters.  He grows an exceptionally long fleece that is highly aligned, exhibiting density within narrow staples.  Along with his lustre and colour genetics in his pedigree, we are very pleased to see these desirable traits coming through in his progeny.

This male is sired by Alpacaspecialist Sharman and out of Softfoot Leila, backed up with genetics of Softfoot Ceroc, Jolimont Gianmarco, Jolimont Warrior to mention a few.

Shah’s progeny are carrying exceptionally dense and lustrous fleeces with good length. Progeny colours range from white through to black.

Shah is co-owned with Oak Ridge and Waikara Park Alpacas.

Progeny Show Results:

  • Shamarra Donatella – NZ National 2017 Junior Female Champion
  • Shamarra Donatella – NZ National 2017 Mid/Dark Fawn Champion 2017
  • Oak Ridge Aurelia – NZ National Roan Champion 2018
  • Waikara Park Alessio – SI Colourbration Lt Fawn Male Champion 2019
  • Shamarra Aurora – SI Colourbration Mid/Dark Fawn Female Champion 2020
Shamarra Alpacas view over Akaroa
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