Whats up with Rising Sun

Rising Sun

I’m a bit of celebrity around the farm and on social media. My fleece is super soft and luxurious, but even more than that, I’m apparently a one-of-a-kind, perfect specimen of an alpaca! I’m also as lovable as I am handsome, so pop into Shamarra Alpacas for a tour and a pat.

Whats up with Harlequin


A glamorous damsel through and through, I’m a big fan of being groomed well ahead of a photo op (your next selfie on a farm tour). My big eyes look even better when my fleece is on fleek. And I’ve been known to wear the odd denim jacket or hat, depending on the season.

But don’t be intimidated by my flair for fashion; I’m always up for a solid cuddle like my other friends.

Whats up with Tornado


I absolutely adore wee human kiddos and alpaca babies alike! Arguably the friendliest of all the furry faces here at Shamarra, I like to get visits and snuggles year-round.

Shamarra Dimitri Wins Supreme at Mackenzie Highland Show 2021

Mackenzie Highland A&P Show was our last show for the autumn season.
Big thanks to Cass and Kees and everyone who helped out.
Judges Dean Ford and Lisa Charteris did a great job in wild weather – hot gale force winds.
Highlight for our Shamarra team of 4 alpacas – Shamarra Dimitri won Supreme!
Shamarra Chiquita – Reserve Champion intermediate female
Shamarra Dimitri – Supreme Champion & Mid/Dark Fawn Champion
Shamarra Senor – Reserve Champion intermediate male
Shamarra Saigon – Brown Champion