Malvern A&P Show 2017 - Shamarra awarded 6 colour supreme championships!

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What a great day for our Shamarra show team at Malvern A&P Show 2017!

Big thank you to convenors Shirley Grant and Barbara Lomax and team.  We enjoyed Australian judge Dean Ford's descriptive oral reasonings and he endured his sense of humour in the persistent drizzle, judging over 120 alpaca.


Brown Supreme - Shamarra Boadicea

Fawn Supreme - Softfoot Casstalas MD ET

White Supreme - Shamarra Olympia

Fawn Female Champion - Shamarra Viva

Light Fawn Male Reserve Champion - Softfoot Shamarra Trinity SM ET

Supreme Grey Fleece - Shamarra Chicago

Supreme Brown Fleece - Shamarra TingTing

Supreme White Fleece - Shamarra Travolta