Our Herd


Brief history of alpacas

Domesticated for over 6000 years, the shy, graceful alpaca is inspired by legends.  Surrounded by an aura of mystery, the Inca Indians of Peru deeply respect alpacas and believed they possessed supernatural powers. They also believed alpacas were gifted to mankind  and were protected by Pachamama, the Earth Mother.  

Alpacas have adapted perfectly to the harsh conditions of the Mountains of the Andes. To survive the freezing winters and scorching summers the alpaca has developed a fleece that is soft and dense with temperature regulating properties that protects the animal from the harshest of elements.

The magnificent fibre obtained from alpaca fleece is one of the most luxurious fibres in the world. The Vicuna, the alpaca’s close family relative, has the world’s rarest and finest fibre available only in very small quantities.

Alpaca fibre is light, soft and warm and rivals cashmere for its softness and handle. It comes in twenty two natural colours and does not contain the lanolin found in sheep wool. It is hypo-allergenic and can be worn directly on the skin.


Our breeding philsophy

At Shamarra we focus on breeding alpacas for superior traits in both fleece and bloodlines. We actively breed for genetically low micron and high yield uniform fleeces whilst maintaining the traits in conformation that are recognised as good breeding practice. We look to breed alpacas that will hold their micron for many years and thus provide fleece of a constant quality for our fibre processing.

We have proven breeding males that pass on consistent and reliable traits to their offspring. We focus on breeding for quality with an emphasis on fawns.

Our success at shows is consistent, with the majority of our show teams winning championship ribbons at shows with the best of the best winning much coveted supreme championship ribbons.

Our latest stud male Patagonia Celtic Rising Sun ET has been used extensively over our females this year and we are looking forward to a further increase in overall herd quality with his 25 cria this coming 2013/2014 season.



Our focus on breeding for genetically fine alpacas with highly lustrous fleece, good length and uniform crimp enables us to use the majority of our alpacas as fleece producers as well as in the show ring.

We believe there is no separation between a breed herd and a fleece herd as the qualities that define an alpaca used as a fleece producer are identical to those qualities sought after in an alpaca used for quality breeding.

The majority of our alpacas have the traits in fineness and handle that we look for in our fibre processing and we continue to increase these numbers annually. This quality will improve in 2013/2014 with an additional twenty five cria due from our Rising Sun matings.