Shamarra Shangri-la wins Junior Champion Female at Canterbury A&P Show, last show of the season

Last show of the season, Canterbury A&P was judged by Jenny Jackson.  

Our show team of 8 all placed very well with Shamarra Shangri-la winning Junior Champion Female.  

Thanks to Anne Rogers and her team for putting together another well organised show.  The exhibitors tent was well stocked with nibbles - and didn't go to waste!


Shamarra Shangri-la     1st junior mid/dark fawn female and Champion Junior Female

Shamarra Symphony    4th junior mid/dark fawn female

Shamarra Geronimo      2nd junior mid/dark fawn male

Shamarra George         3rd junior mid/dark fawn male

Shamarra Xian             2nd intermediate mid/dark fawn female

Shamarra Lolita           1st intermediate grey/roan female and Champion Grey/Roan

Shamarra Mossimo       2nd intermediate white male

Shamarra Dynamo       1st intermediate mid/dark fawn male



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