Shamarra Tiana

DOB: 29/12/2014  
IAR:  1016449  Pedigree click here
SEX: Female
COLOUR:     White  
SIRE: Patagonia Celtic Rising Sun ET (dark fawn)
DAM: Shamarra Sundance (white)
FLEECE: 2nd fleece - 16.3u, 2.8sd, 17%cv, 100%cf (AAFT tested - Nov 2016)

Tiana is a well grown young female with excellent confirmation and is true to type. She carries a highly lustrous, super soft fleece and is very even in micron. Tiana also grows good fleece length for fleece age.

Tiana was mated to Silver-Stone Ice on 28/1/17. Ice is new male in the Shamarra herd and he was selected for his highly lustrous, greasy fleece with excellent uniformity across his body and within the staples. 








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